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Not ready for the holiday season to end just yet? KOTO Villa offers a five-star experience at their beautiful venue, featuring a gorgeous courtyard and cosy dining room vibes with both intimate nooks and tables for large groups. 

Their Australian and Vietnamese-influenced brunch menu features hearty breakfast favourites. KOTO served us up an exquisite meal (check out the in-house made freshly baked bread!). We really appreciated the chefs' incredible attention to every last edible detail. Every element is created with care, including the decorative smear of pandan jelly across our dessert plate and the glazed walnuts scattered across the fruit platter.

This five-star-in-training meal supports an incredible program, which trains at-risk youth from across Vietnam. Trainees in the kitchen, bakery, patisserie and dining room create a joyful dining atmosphere.

Though certainly not as pricey as a standard five-star restaurant, the menu is priced above the average Tay Ho brunch spot. For us, the KOTO Villa is a great place to celebrate a special occasion or for when you're in the mood for a meal that is a step-up above the rest.