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Message from Jimmy Pham

Dear Friends,

It was a bittersweet end of the month as we farewelled our beloved Class 35 as they head to work in 5-star hotels, Fusion Resort Phu Quoc and and New World Phu Quoc to increase their hospitality skills before they graduate. Class 35 was with us through the worst of the pandemic, including the closure of our Van Mieu restaurant and of course, the opening of KOTO Villa. We will miss them very much but we’re looking forward to seeing them enter the workforce as highly-trained hospitality professionals with the means for a stable future enabling them to provide for themselves, their families and their communities.

Earlier this month, we welcomed Class 38, our latest cohort of KOTO trainees. They’ll be joining us at the villa in the next few weeks and we appreciate your patience as they learn. It’s an exciting time for you too. Over the next two years, you’ll see them develop from shy smiles in the corner to big grins, fighting over the chance to serve your table!

With summer around the corner, we’ll be making good use of our garden with many upcoming events. We hope to see you at KOTO Villa and as always, we appreciate your support in transforming the lives of at-risk and disadvantaged youth.

Best wishes,

Jimmy Pham

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