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Meet Hung.

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

He's just one of the many trainee chefs currently learning at KOTO Villa through our two-year hospitality training program! With a smile bright enough to light a room, Hung always brings a great energy to the kitchen.

Hung hails from the Ha Giang province and his dream is to one day work in the kitchen of Marriott Hotels, one of the most prestigious hotel brands in the world and no doubt a perfect fit for the likes of Hung.

When asked why he likes working at KOTO Villa, he said it all due to Head Chef, Phong Le and the busy atmosphere of working in a fast-paced kitchen. He also accredits a lot of his happiness to his fellow trainees who are like family to him.

Many of our trainees completing in our two-year hospitality training program often come from thousands of kilometres away. Hanoi is a busy metropolitan city which can often be daunting for our trainees who have grown up in rural Vietnam. One thing is for sure though, our trainees find a new home and family at KOTO.

So what's Hung's favourite dish to make on the KOTO Villa menu? It's Leaf Lillies!

Hung says whilst they may be visually appealing, there is a lot of finesse required to get them just right!

So come along to KOTO Villa and try this delicious starter recommended by Hung! You can support another future trainee, just like Hung was supported through our Sponsor a Trainee program.

Our training program is globally renowned and KOTO is Vietnam's first social enterprise. It is offered to approximately 150 disadvantaged young people each year. Through this program, disadvantaged young people with limited skills and poor life chances transform their lives to become hospitality professionals with bright futures.

Part of the program is an internationally recognised Australian hospitality certificate from Box Hill Institute, Melbourne.

Trainee sponsors help us meet overall program costs. Corporate and philanthropic donors sponsor multiple trainees; individuals and families sponsor single trainees.

Becoming a sponsor also provides a deep connection with the impact you're creating as you can watch your trainee grow and develop. You'll join them on the life changing journey that is KOTO.

Trainees are carefully selected to ensure that KOTO is the right fit. Our employment outcomes are remarkable over our 22 year journey. The program has virtually no drop outs and the employment rate is close to 100%. Each trainee class includes trainees with a disability and from minority groups from remote areas. You can create impact this Christmas by sponsoring a trainee from Class 39. To find out more, please click here.

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