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Message from Jimmy Pham

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Dear friends,

As residents who have frequented our restaurant, KOTO Villa, I am asking for assistance to help the KOTO family.

Yen Vien, Gia Lam has been the home of our trainees for the past 5 years. During this time, the location has housed, fed and educated over 400 of our trainees. Our lease, however, expires on the 10th of June 2021. After a failed negotiation to extend this during a time of COVID-19, we had no choice but to leave. In addition to this, our landlord increased our rent and the road is scheduled to be widened (bringing a lot of noise pollution and disruption to a living and study environment). It is with heavy hearts that we must leave Yen Vien.

We are beyond lucky that the BAYA family has provided us with an operational facility that they are closing in Ecopark and have provided us with the lease. The facilities are a lot less depreciated than Yen Vien, as our previous facility had significant costs for electricity, water and rent which was increased during COVID-19. Our lease and the changes to the operational facility commences on the 30th of June 2021. With the support of the BAYA family, we have crunched the numbers and it makes fiscal sense. This move will also mean we reduce our expenditure by 3/4 each month which is imperative for surviving during COVID-19 and the lack of tourism and full operation of our hospitality venues. In the long term, it will benefit and help our operations and school to remain open with limited disruption for our trainees' education.

However, Class 36 do not commence their Da Nang internship until the 1st of July. This leaves us needing accommodation to housing assistance for our trainees during the 20 days for 36 trainees.

We’re asking our trusted KOTO friends and family to help us out of this bind. With the closure of our Tay Ho restaurant and the latest wave of COVID-19, we’re finding it difficult to find a place that will accept our trainees. It is now up to us to call on those who have been with us for years, and we humbly request that if you have the opportunity to take in 1-2 trainees in a spare room, we would be so grateful.

Class 36 ideally will be temporarily relocated next to KOTO Villa so they can continue to come into their home. We will feed them lunch there daily. Our trainees are professional young workers who abide by a strict schedule and will have curfews every night. They do not require any supervision and I can personally vouch for every single one of them.

If there was any chance you had a spare room and could house a trainee(s) for 20 days, you would be helping us out immensely. If you know of a trusted friend too who would be able to accommodate our trainees with space, we’d be happy for you to share this request. Please don’t hesitate to fill out the form, contact me or our Foundation Director, Hanh.

Best wishes,

Jimmy Pham

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